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I'm a relationship specialist. I provide clients an opportunity to create better relationships with themselves and the people around them that matter most.


I work with both couples and individuals, taking part in their therapeutic journey by providing a fresh, healthy perspective, asking the hard questions, and helping people understand the habitual patterns they get stuck in.


My role is collaborative, and there are really no topics that can't be explored together: intimacy, sex, gender, religion, addiction, guilt and shame, trauma.  Regardless of background, we all find ourselves emotionally challenged by the stresses and challenges of life which can impede the way we show up in our relationships. Exploring what's holding people back from being authentic and intentional is important to me, and I encourage clients to examine the values that matter most to them. 

Research has shown that, above all else, the relationship between client and therapist is the most important aspect contributing to successful therapy outcomes independent of therapeutic treatments used. Of course, utilizing skills and therapeutic interventions throughout the therapy process contributes to the success too, but nothing takes the place of a warm, genuine and engaged person listening to you and attuning to who you are in that moment. 

And nothing takes the place of  walking away from a session feeling seen and understood, validated. That feeling alone can provide an immediate sense of relief and healing!


There's not a "one size fits all" approach to therapy, so appreciating everyone's individual journey is important to me. I utilize a variety of approaches, including the  Gottman method as well as EFT and Relational Life Therapy. I also incorporate IFS/parts work and neuroscience into my practice.  I am LGBTQA+ affirmative and I continue to grow in being trauma-informed. I value - and really enjoy - learning new ways of bringing healing work into my sessions, and I often share a variety of resources as needed with my clients. 

 It is a tremendous honor to work with my clients and I'm humbled by the work I do. It would be a privilege to walk alongside you as you gain clarity, insight, hope and personal growth along the way.

Let’s Work Together

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